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My newly acquired 2001 TrailerHave has this for a year and a half and am now getting it together to take it on the road. As always, with my vehicles, NONE OF THIS WOULD BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT THE HELP OF GLEN!!!
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15D18 Getting it together in Connecticut


This camper has been sitting for a year and a half. Due to a problem with its maker lights and tail-lights blowing fuses, I have not been able to take it anywhere. Thanks to Glen, this problem has now been fixed (along with many others) and I hope I'll be able to take a few trips and enjoy life devoid of cities and people! In that process, I'll be spending more time with my 60d doing something that I love!

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XavierAs of this date, the only new friend I have made who is NOT of the prison experience. It has been six years since I hollared at "Pierced Angel X" on Manhunt. Each year brings us closer together and I am truly thankful to have this young man in my life!
home & hearthMost of my photos were confiscated when the police raided my home in 1991. Perhaps that is a contributing factor why photography has become such a joy! I am in the process of assembling what photos I can discover here that have anything to do with my childhood memories of family.
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farewell Mrs. B


With a ride to the Union Cemetery in Carver, Bobby Lauretti did me a wonderful kindness. There, on a bright autumn day in October, I met my cousin Phyllis and her husband of over sixty years, Jim. Mrs. B's ashes were there for me to inter in her mortal resting place. She wanted to be buried next to her husband, my father, who had preceded her by some twenty-one years.

As I place these photos in this gallery, I touch the profoundness of this loss which is very much in my heart. The last time I saw my dear mother was on October 23rd, 1991, some thirteen years earlier. Truly, I am my mother's son and in a world consumed by so many losses, this is something that is truly mine and I protect it selfishly.

My deepest and fondest regards to dear cousin Phyllis who is the last 'family' I recognize. Her kindness and thoughtfulness have been known to me since my earliest recollections. Her attendance was such a comfort to me.

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a visit with Phyllis


Spring was here and I had felt charged. My world was simple-- or as simple as the government would allow me. I decided to take my bicycle for a ride to Phyllis' home in Marshfield. It was a delightful ride from Brockton on that sun filled day. I stopped and took a few photos enroute. With my walkman and so much wonderful music, it was a day that I recall fondly.

Phyllis was her usual gregarious self and if there were any effort on my part getting there, it most certainly was greatly rewarded by her spontaneous loving warmth. It was a day of laughter and simple joy.

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photos of bostonThis is my favorite area to spend time with my camera. These are photos generally of the downtown area.
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a sad day


There was a day-- almost three years ago-- when I needed to go to Boston to see my attorney at his office in the north end. The purpose was to be interviewed by two detectives regarding a dear friend. It was all too sad! The interview was to be held at 10:30am. I left home at 6:30am, arriving at South Station a bit after 7:00 and spent the next three hours doing what I do. I shall never forget that day.

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winter on the esplanade


The esplanade must be my favorite place ever! This parcel of land which runs along the Charles River on the Boston side brings many fond memories to me. The winter was quiet when I took these photographs-- quiet, cold and stunning!

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a sunny day in June


This day was a great tour of the city! From South Station, I biked to the Boston Commons and then the Gardens. There is always so much going on at both locations. The garden's statues and the Swan Boats are always enjoyable. (I think this year I might do a study of the statues on the commons, the garden and the esplanade-- and also on the median of Commonwealth Avenue.)

From the garden, I biked up Comm Ave. to the symphony area and stopped for coffee at the au bon pain-- a usual meeting place for me. From there, I biked back on Mass Ave. to the esplanade and enjoyed the various settings along the Charles River down to the locks.

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rose garden - fenway boston


These photos were taken on a lovely afternoon while in the company of two dear people, Bob & Jim, who have been true friends and staunch supporters. I hadn't know of this stunning garden previously. Thanks to Bob & Jim, I am certain to return here often.

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first outing with the 20d


It was a warm engaging day in April when I took my newly purchased Canon 20d and my bicycle to Boston. I started at Downtown Crossing and ventured through the Boston Commons. Continuing along my usual path, I ventured across the Boston Garden to the Esplanade.

The Esplanade was delightful! The Charles River was populated with many sailboats and the wind was enought to test the young sailors' expertise. How beautiful the grounds were. With no leaves yet, one could sense the arrival of new botanical life here.

Exited the Esplanade at Massachusetts Avenue and headed down toward Symphony. Had a coffee at Au Bon Pains and was sorry to see that the tables and chairs had not been set out yet. Met a comrade-in-arms, Larry Davis, for a moment and departed with a promise to visit at length soon.

Met with my dear friend French for a coffee-clutch and contined on to the Botanical Gardens at the Fens. Then back down the Esplanade to Atlantic Avenue. What a wonderful memorable day!

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esplanade - a fall day


What a lovely day at my forever favorite place! I took the train in from Brockton-- with my bicycle-- for a meeting with a dear friend. Since the meeting wasn't until early evening, I spent the afternoon on the Esplanade.

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night time - Boston Garden - Esplanade


My first attempt at taking night time photos. Thanks much to Xavier for His advice and continued support with my 20d! Most are from the Duck Pond at Boston Garden; also, photos of Cambridge (Memorial Drive) taken from the Esplanade.

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Gay PrideVarious collections of photos from gay pride celebrations.
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Boston 2005 - Glen


Glen's photos of Boston Pride 2005. You can certainly tell he was having a superb time!

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Providence 2007 - Glen


Glen took these at the Providence Pride 2007. He ran into Xavier there as well. Wonderful views! Damn, I remember when...

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Providence 2007 - Xavier


It's so easy to see that Sir is a consummate photographer!

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Providence 2009 - Glen


These photos came from Glen who enjoys the Providence Pride more than Boston. You mght garner a sense of Glen's taste as you follow his subject matter.

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special folksThose I've met along the way who have left an impression on me.
trailerThe progression of a refuge that became a prized delight and then was cancelled by the nazis.
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after new shelves


As usual, my stalwart friend, Glen, has helped me! With the installation of these new shelves along with two video monitor mounts (one fixed, one on an extended arm), my abiiites to be creative have improved that much more! I am so please with what Glen has done for me.

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Memories of times long since passed...An old acquaintance recently contacted me and there have been hours of discussion of times as young queers in a homophobic society. This place will be for photos that come from that time so long ago.
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When I was in my mid-twenties, I purchased a new GMC Astro. What glorious days! I traveled coast to coast and from the Great Lakes to New Orleans. It was a wonderful time and I had my dobberman, NIbs, to keep me company.

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IMG_1011_1024.jpgMore to come...7 viewsI can't speak enough of the continued good will extended to me by my dear friend and cohort, Glen! In a world that has been quite harsh these past twenty-five years, he has not faltered in showing by his actions that there are still folks who are inspirational. Glen not only fixed the trailer lights but installed a new mechanism that allows me to raise and lower the Jeep's driver's window-- fashioned a pipe from the Y pipe to the muffler (which couldn't be had for 3 days) and replaced the steering shock!adminApr 21, 2015
IMG_1010_1024.jpgDinner is served!6 viewsCan't begin to tell you what a carthatic moment this was for me! That is a second laptop which allows me to connect to my network at home as well as looking for fun destinations (and put these photos and descriptions on line). You might take note of my "notebook" on the opposite bench-- always at the ready for more notes on how to improve my traveling experience(s). Need to put that lantern back in the Thule with the camping equipment!adminApr 21, 2015
IMG_1008_1024.jpgOh those greens!7 viewsAfter months of trial 'n error, I have discovered the pressure cooker's steam settings that best serve those great greens so that they retain the most nutrients and are just "al dente". Getting hungry for some more of them while keying this description! Yum! (Btw, couldn't run both the pressure cooker and the grill simultaneously with the electrical hookup there so I cooked the fish first (and ate some of it) while waiting for the veggies to cook.adminApr 21, 2015
IMG_1009_1024.jpgThe layout7 viewsThis photo was taken by the bed looking towards the rear of the camper (kitchen). On a shelf above the booth, I have placed a laptop which has PLEX installed on it allowing me to view so many movies, tv shows and listen to music from my own internal camper system. All I need is AC power! NO COMMERICALS! The monitor mounted on a swivel bracket along with the wireless keyboard on the table allow me to control the closed laptop. The remotes control the 32" TV in the foreground.adminApr 21, 2015
IMG_1007_1024.jpgMy piece de restinance8 viewsAfter two long days, putting this simple but delicious meal together was truly a fabulous reward. (The fish is so white because the pop-up flash washed the color out.) In the process of accomplishing this, there has been a notebook that I jot notes of things to do / changes to effect which so enriches my spirit when looking toward future events.adminApr 21, 2015
IMG_1006_1024.jpgMore Kitchen7 viewsThese photos were taken at night with the pop-up flash which tends to wash the photos out. Had I had more energy, I would have installed my Canon Speedlight 580EXII and taken the photos properly. There should be many more occasions to enjoy learning and using this camera equipment.adminApr 21, 2015
IMG_1005_1024.jpgMore space5 viewsThe appliances are on top of the two sinks which have insertable covers on them. I have an idea how to create more space by building / installing a drop down shelf which will fall across the door to the kitchen when being used. The appliances could go there leaving space for food prep (where the appliances are now). There is a three burner LP gas stove there as well. Microwave is below (haven't used it yet).adminApr 21, 2015
IMG_1004_1024.jpgMini-kitchen8 viewsSpent a day mapping out all the storage places in the camper and then deciding what to put where. At the outset, there wasn't enough room for everything; when finished, I had two empty cabinets. Here is the pressure cooker and T-Fal grill on the counter to prepare the fish, broccoli and asparagus. It was great!adminApr 21, 2015
IMG_1002_1024.jpgWaiting for Glen's arrival5 viewsWas still excited and somewhat worried. This business of the trailer marker lights was crucial to my being able to use this mechanism of freedom. What if we weren't successful in discovering where the short was? The day became a blur of watching and helping where I could. The muffler went (or so I thought) enroute from the truck stop.adminApr 21, 2015
IMG_0999_1024.jpgGlen & Kevin's build & repair shop8 viewsThis is their garage and it is laid out so well! A place for everything and everything in its place! The property is sizeable and distanced from the road. So refreshing after the foolishness of city living.adminApr 21, 2015